About Us

Since 2014, ERSOY CASTING MACHINERY,  Which started its operations in 1986 as scrap and metal recycling  under ERSOY GROUP , has been deveploping   as the  rolling  mill,  ring and large machine parts manufacturer  as the best quality and service with the assurance of pride  in the way  of  instilutionalizotion.

Our  facility, which  is located on a total area of  55.000 m² square  meters with 20.000 m² square metres closed area in Denizli,  has managed to incerease  its  annual  capacity up to 12.000 tons .As EDM Company to realize our customers casting demands;we doing all our operations such as casting, heat treatment and machining  together  with our workshop under a single roof .

As EDM, our most important aim is to present the product and qualitiy to meet demands of our customers with our experienced staff .

At  first, we set off to be an esteemed brand in our country.We envision a world in which we move forward  with you and with our completely trustworthy, quality product a good services manner and customer satisfaction principles.